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Endorsement Articles

Over and over again, the jury is in and the critics agree: Royal Purple synthetic motor oils and synthetic lubricants are real difference-makers in test after test.
Here find the latest publicity about Royal Purple as featured in articles from a range of industries—both professional trade journals for the technical crowd, and magazines for auto enthusiasts, motorsports fans, boaters, sportsmen, gardeners and more.


The Truth About Synthetic Oil
Modified Magazne

The fact is the oil you use can have a significant impact on not only your engine’s protection but your car’s performance as well.


China Star Bullet Train Project on Track
Machinery Lubrication Magazine

Lubricant Solution Helps Break Speed Record and Increases Traction Motor Reliability.


Garage Test – Max-Tuff
Street Thunder 

Max-Tuff is an ultra-tough, synthetic lubricant designed for use in reassembling repaired equipment..


Garage Test – UPG 
Street Thunder

A high performance, multi-servrice, aluminum-complex, synthetic grease, which significantly increases bearing life and equipment reliability.


Hot Rod Quick Test: Purple Ice
Hot Rod Magazine 

With Purple Ice, the temperature reached 210 degrees...but even after 56 minutes of running and then under a strong load, it did not exceed 210 degrees.


Engine Oil Matters… 
Chrysler Power 

Upgrading lubricants is often the quickest and cheapest way to improve a car's performance and reliability.


Garage Test – Purple Ice 
Street Thunder

Purple Ice is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive for both gasoline and diesel engines.


Eight Ways to Beat the Heat
Circle Track Racing magazine 

Good advide for keeping yourself and your car cool under pressure.


Oil Supplement 
Fleet Maintenance 

Upgrading lubricants can have a significant impact to the bottom line...